Dedham Art Association Board Members

Naomi Y. Wilsey 

Barbara Reynolds

Nancy Richmond

Recording Secretary:
Randa Khuri

Corresponding Secretary:
Lauras Kelly

Marie Johnson
Jo Ann Appel
Nora Ouellette

About Us
The Dedham Art Association (DAA) is a non-profit organization with a commitment to enriching our communities through art.

The Association has a long history and continues to grow. We offer art demonstrations and workshops by professional artists that are educational and highlight diverse media and techniques.

We enhance the quality of life through art exhibits that are open to the public. 
Please join us!
Our meetings are held at:

The Endicott Estate
656 East Street
Dedham, MA 02026
Annual membership fee is $25.00. The membership includes free admission to art demonstrations, a weekly painting group, and workshops.
Art demonstration events are $5.00 for guests.

For meeting location go to:

April Newsletter Link:

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Exhibit Policy for Members: 

Davis Museum Outing on February 15, 2018

The museum is on the campus of Wellesley College where we were treated to a tour which served as a great introduction for those who were visiting for the first time and for those who had visited but not in a while. A luncheon at the Wellesley Club followed the tour. A fun day of art with friends!
If you have a suggestion for future outings, please contact one of our Board members.

Welcome to 
New Members!

Please welcome this month's new members: Joan Ni who is an art appreciator interested in art history and Kathryn Hunter, a student member. Amy Surman, an oil painter, is a new member. Also, Grace Jango has returned as a member. She paints watercolors among other art interests. Kerry Hawkins, founder of the Dedham Square Artist Guild, has renewed her membership.

To become a member, please click on the Membership Form link.

We asked in our newsletter, "What Are Your Favorite Art Books?"

Here are lists from our members and supporters:

  • Originals, American Women Artists, Eleanor Munro
  • A History of America Art, by Daniel M. Mendelowitz
  • The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron
  • Jennifer Bartlett, by Marge Goldwater
  • The Art of Creative Thinking, by Rod Judkins
  • Georgia O'Keefe, by Roxana Robinson
  • The Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy, by Alastair Smart 8.) "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon
  • Henri Matisse- A Retrospective, by John Elderfield
  • Painting Summer in New England, by Trevor Fairbrother 

  • The Art Spirit, Robert Henri
  • Alla Prima II Everything I know about Painting, Richard Schmid
  • Lessons in Classical Painting, Juliette Aristides
  • Oil Painting Essentials, Gregg Kreutz
  • The Artist’s Guide to Sketching, Gurney & Kinkade
  • Watercolor, John Pike
  • Making Color Sing, Jean Dobie
  • Oils, Trevor Chamberlain
  • Light and Mood in Watercolour, David Curtis
  • John Singer Sargent Watercolors, Erica E. Hirshler and Teresa A. Carbone

  • Alla Prima, Al Gury
  • Alla Prima, by Richard Schmid (both I and II)
  • The Elements of Landscape Oil Painting, by Suzanne Brooker
  • Still Life Painting Atelier, by Michael Friel. 

  • Watercolors and Drawings of the French Impressionists, Horst Keller
  • All the many Master Drawings books...
  • The World of Art  Sandra Forty
  • Janson's History of Art
  • Art Past and Present
  • The Group of Seven
  • 30,000 Years of Art
  • Drawings by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon Elderfield and Gordon
  • Charles Bargue Drawing Course
  • Anything about the 17th Century Dutch Masters

  • Acrylics Tips and Tricks  by David Cuthbert
  • Terry's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists  by Terry Harrison
  • Watercolor Painting  by George James
  • Drawing 1  by Walter Foster
  • People  by Walter Foster
  • Flowers  by Walter Foster
  • Street Scenes  by Walter Foster
  • Watercolor  by Philip Berrill

  • George Innes and the Visionary Landscape, Adrienne Baxter Bell
  • The Art of North America, Wolfgang Haberland
  • Portrait of an Artist, by Laurie Lisle
  • The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook, Gordon MacKenzie

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