Fran Dunn
February Artist of the Month

"I never had formal art lessons. I’m not an “artist’s artist.” It was my sister who was the artist! (But I did do a lot of drawing.)
I took up painting when I retired from the insurance company. I wanted to do something creative and I wanted to be with people.  When I joined the Dedham Art Association, I started painting watercolors because that’s what they were teaching at the time—and that’s a good thing because I don’t think I could ever have done oils! I enjoy watercolor, and my favorite subjects to paint are flowers and fruits.
At one point the Association looked like it would have to disband, so a group of us reorganized it, and I became the secretary. Since then, we’ve kept it all together for over 20 years."

Watercolor by Catherine Perrone
Morning Glories, watercolor by Frances Dunn


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