Nora Oullette
November Artist of the Month

I’ve been a member of DAA for about six years now. I try to attend as many meetings as I can because I learn so much from them, and really enjoy them.

When I retired from teaching Spanish in the Boston Public Schools, I had never drawn or painted or had any interest in art, really. A good friend convinced me to take a watercolor class with her at A.C. Moore. I thought to myself, “This is just not for me.” Then, in the class the teacher had us draw a picture of a tulip. That tulip was my beginning!
Since then I’ve studied with Diane Miller, Nancy Howell (love her) and currently with Laura Zanghetti. There is so much to learn. I paint mostly landscapes in watercolor, oils and acrylics. I haven’t tried pastels yet, because those three keep me busy. Each one is a whole world.
I consider art my hobby. It’s a challenge. It’s hard work. But I get such a kick out of it-- and I’ve made such good friends. 

Watercolor by Catherine Perrone
"Hummingbird" oil painting by Nora Oullette


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